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  • Ц Love To Be Loved By You - Baby, tell me how can I tell you, that I love you more than life! Show me how can I show you that I'm blinded by your light!.. When you touch me I can touch you to find out the dream is true... I love to be loved by

  • Ц Without your warmth, without your smile Without you, by my side The world was so cold, I felt so lost Without your light, I felt so blind A thousand miles Id run and walk A thousand times Id slip and fall But for you Id do it again A thousand times

  • Lorde-Everybody wants to rule the world (Dimond Saints Remix) Ц .Couplet #1 Welcome to your life There's no turning back Even while we sleep We will find you Acting on your best behavior Turn your back on Mother Nature Everybody wants to rule the world Chorus There's a room where the light won't find

  • Take That - Rule The World Ц You light the skies, up above me A star, so bright, you blind me, yeah Dont close your eyes Dont fade away, dont fade away- Oh Yeah you and me we can ride on a star If you stay with me girl We can rule the world (OST 'Stardust')

  • Morcheeba Ц Gimme Your Love Ќа английском €зыке ѕеревод на русский €зык Gimme Your Love ƒай мне свою любовь Close the door Turn the light off Switch your mind off Make it right for me Pull the blind down Try to wind down Take the liberty And then youll see Our lov

  • Radio Killer Ц Voila (Radio Edit) (NEW 2009) Here I am Standing tall I'm free of all The hate in the world Here I am The fuse is bright I see a light The light in your eyes Voila, la la la c'est la Voila, la la la c'est la Voila, la la la c'est la Voila,

  • Ц lay your head and try to get some sleep it's what you need to get some sleep no one will worry if you shut your eyes and get some sleep it's what you need black wall will lift away but some may say you pushed away the distant light it's gro

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