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  • If you want to be my friend Put my dick in your hand Move it left, move it right Try to lick, suck and bit If you want to be my boy Lick my pussy for my joy Lick it up, lick it down Lick my pussy all around Here I am, I'm your girl Do me right, be my man Fuck me hard, fuck me well I'll be nice, I'm your girl

  • Elliott Yamin Wait for You......Baby I will wait for you ...If you think I'm fine it just aint true ...I really need you in my life... No matter what i have to do...I'll wait for you......

  • Ciara Love Sex And Magic Your touch is so magic to me The strangest things can happen The way that you react to me I wanna do something you cant imagine Imagine if there was a million mes talking sexy to you like that You think you can handle boy If I give yo

  • John Legend Who Did That to You Now I'm not afraid to do the last work, You say vengeance is here, but imma do it first. I'm done handle my business in the name of the love. Now if he made you cry, oh, I gotta know, If he's not ready to die, he best p

  • The Beatles And I Love Her I give her all my love, That's all I do, And if you saw my love You'd love her too, And I love her. She gives me everything And tenderly The kiss my lover bring She brings to me And I love her. A love like ours Coul

  • Fallulah Where we do belong, where we did go wrong If there's nothing here, why are we still here It's another time, it's another day Numbers they are new, but it's all the same. Running from yourself, it will never change If you try you could die

  • Busshunter It's a saturday night Nothing will go wrong But if it does do i care I just dont know how to run It's a saturday night And i hope you believe My heart is calling your name So hear me out when i say I can see it in h

  • Dj Ozi If you want to be my boy, lick my pussy for my joy.Lick it up, lick it down.Lick my pussy all around.Here I am, I'm your girl.Do me right, be my man.Fuck me hard, fuck me well.I'll be nice, I'm your girl

  • I didn't know i got into Somehow I can't go back even if I really wanted to So what more can i do Here in the end, it's just me and you. I never wanted to play by all the rules A knife in hand, I'm playing out the part of the fools So her

  • Set it on fire fire... Fire fire Uh yo Hey if you see me This is the world I came Making me say a lot of things I'll never face Steal trying to catch up Chasing me for days I'll be in the fast line You'll be up away What we do see

  • ХоМа Tell me where to go, tell me what to do, Ill be right there for you Tell me what to say, dont matter if its true, Ill say it all for you Verse 1 Eminem I used to be the type of kid that, would always think the sky is falling Why am I so differentl

  • One Less Reason A day to be alone ...If I could shrink it down and put it in your hands.We made it hurt so much I can't forget the past.Just tell me what to say,show me what to do.Then I could forgive me and I could forgive you...

  • Flo Rida Hook Sage the Gemini I know what you came here to see If you're a freak, then ya coming home with me And I know what you came here to do Now bust it open let me see you get low It's going down for real It's going down for real It's goin

  • If your love is courage I can be held Go on do Your worst Im under Your spell Hold me till it hurts I close my eyes Grab me in your waist And say youre mine I won't ever let you slip away from my hands, from my hands It's like I'm in Slipping Away!!!

  • Rihanna Your Love...You say you love me,But that don't do nothing for me,You got to do more than tell me what your feeling,Because if you want me, love me, want me,I better become your only, Because thats the only way that I'll be with it ...

  • Finger Eleven Paralyzer...Well Im not paralyzed But, I seem to be struck by you I want to make you move Because youre standing still If your body matches What your eyes can do Youll probably move right through Me on my way to you

  • +Chase And Status feat. Plan B PIECES! You Don't Care, About me, Anymore, Thats why you, you wanna break my heart, Into pieces on the floor. If you don't care, About me, Anymore, why do you, you wanna break my heart, into pieces on the floor. You Don't Car

  • So one thing led to another You were calling her a lover Her brothers her brother Yeah if you want me to do it, I guess that I'll do it, but I'm telling you One wrong move and yeah we're through Hey there sister wife Get the hell out it's my night You don't know the way to his heart Like I do

  • What You Know In a few weeks I will get time To realise it's right before my eyes And I can take it if it's what I want to do I am leaving This is starting to feel like It's right before my eyes And I can taste it It's my sweet beginning

  • Chicane Feat Tom Jones If you could see me here this way Looking backwards from today Would you do it all again... If I could roll it back to you Just like lovers always do I am stoned in love but not with you Good luck Because we are not feeling stoned in love

  • One Less Reason A Day to Be Alone (If I could shrink it down and put it in your hands We made it hurt so much, I can't forget the past Just tell me what to say, show me what to do Then I can forgive me and I would forgive you)

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