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  • Tony Braxton Ц Yeah, uh, yeah, what, what I know you're watching all over here Trying to find a way to come into my situation but you should know this It's all good so be cool. I'm taking care of home the kids are fine. I got it locked and he's

  • It's sad, so sad Ц It's a sad, sad situation. and it's getting more and more absurd. It's sad, so sad, Why can't we talk it over. Oh it seems to me, Sorry seems to be... the hardest word.

  • Bomzh Elitny VK vk.com gt89039830909 Join VK now to stay in touch with Bomzh and millions of others. Or log in, if you have a VK account. I hope a situation won't leave from under control when the person tells realnonerealny reasons. Ц

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