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  • Geometry Dash Ц Music Stereo Madnes,Back On Track,Polargaist,Dry Out,Base After Base,Cant Let Go,Jumper,Time Machin,—ycles,xTep,Clutrefunk,Theroy of everyting,Electroman Adventure,Clubstep,Electrodinamix ,Nexagon Force,Blast Procesing,Theroy of everyting 2,Geometrycal D

  • јvB (Russia DJ) Yuri Kane (Put it on the right track, get it right back A message from my heart is to allow it to stay apart) Ц Right Back (Anton Firtich Remix)(24-04-2010) (¬ключи и послушай еще раз!!!!)

  • oscar and the wolf feat. tsar Ц He left no time to regret Kept his dick wet With his same old safe bet Me and my head high And my tears dry Get on without my guy You went back to what you knew So far removed from all that we went through And I tread a troubled track My odds are stacked

  • Im bossy,Im the first girl to scream on a track,I switched up the beat of the drum Thats right I brought all the boys to the Ц yard,And thats right, ,Im the one thats tattooed on his arm,Im bossy,Im the chick yall love to hate,Im the chick thats raised the stake,I told young stunna he should switch debate,Im back with an 808,cause Im bossy...

  • Boney M - One way ticket Ц mmmm oohhhh yeea yeea yeaah One way ticket one way ticket. One way ticket one way ticket. One way ticket to the blues. Choo choo train tuckin' down the track gotta travel on it never comin' back ooh ooh got a one way ticket to the blues.

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