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  • Cascada I Need A Miracle (orginal) Boy meets girl You were my dream,my world But i was blind You cheated on me from behind So on my own I feel so all alone Though I know it's true I'm still in love with you I need a miracle I wanna be

  • Eminem feat. Bow Wow & Drake - Boy Meets Girl how was i meant to know that one little mistake would come back to haunt me with every breath i take so care free had the world ona string but didnt yet know what the next day would bring i would be forced to grow up so fast i gotta take this back i

  • Токио Хотел human connecting human With me somewhere One night to share Just you and me We spread deceive Eyes catch, you are So natural Human connect to human Boy meets girl, know what to do Human connect to human How can I connect to you Human c

  • FM Static Boy Meets Girl (And Vice Versa) (Сайд-проект участников известной рок-группы Thousand Foot Krutch Тревора МакНивана (Trevor McNevan) и Стива Августина (Steve Augustine), играющая мелодичный лёгкий рок в стиле поп-панк)

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